ARIS Login User Password Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers:

1. How often do ARIS account passwords expire?

60 days.

2. What are the rules for creating passwords?

At least 12 alphanumeric characters with a minimum of 1 numeric character is required.

Valid password examples: password1234



3.  How many times can I attempt to login before the system locks me out?

You are allowed 5 attempts to login before the system locks you out.

4.  What can I do if I am locked out of the system due to 5 failed login attempts?

After 5 login attempts you will be locked out of the system for one day. If you need access to ARIS immediately, you should send an email request to; provide your User Id and request that your account be unlocked. Unlocking the account does not reset your password, enabling you to login using your current password.

5.  What can I do if I forget my current ARIS password?

You must send an email request to and provide your login ID. The ARIS Support Team will create a new temporary password for your account and email it to you.  After you login to the ARIS system using the new password, the system will ask you to change your password using the password creation rules (listed above).

6.  Can I create a previously used password?

The system keeps track of your last five passwords, so you can not reuse one of those previous passwords.

7. Other ARIS account and password questions?

If you have any ARIS login account or password problems, please send an email request to Include your login account (User ID) and a brief description of the problem and someone from the ARIS Support Team will assist you.